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what's a zune?

The Zune is a portable digital media player from microsoft. The first zune device the zune 30 was released in November 2006
other zune devices Microsoft released include zune 4, zune 8 zune 16, zune 80, zune 120, zune HD

what's this website

Hello, welcome to zunes.me this is the website made and managed by the growing zune community. this website will contain guides and useful resources on how to fix up and use your zune maybe even mod it to use Bluetooth, wireless charging, and many more. to contribute to this site by adding your zune related website link or guides follow the instructions on how to contribute here

how to get started

there is a very useful comment on the r/zune subreddit that u/ConnerWoods made click here

useful links

here are some useful links that can help you